How to play roulette online

How to play roulette online?

There are different winnings according to the type of efforts you place if you are thinking of how to play roulette online. The biggest you get by betting on single numbers, where the bet is given back 36 times again. It is also possible to bet on several different numbers. This can be done in several ways. One way is to throw bets on several numbers on the game board itself. This can be done by placing bets on each number, or by dividing the bet up. For example, if you place a playing pitch in the lines between two or four numbers, you will play on the numbers the chip is between. This article will tell you How to play roulette online.

Another way to play on multiple numbers is by using the extra fields outside the game board. For example, this could be the field that applies to the numbers 1-18. ?Payback on winnings for numbers is easy to find if you take as a basis that the win for one number gives the money 36 times again. For example, if you bet on two numbers instead of one, you will get the money 18 times again for your bet. A bet on the field covering the numbers 1-18 will therefore give the money twice again.

Besides being able to play on numbers, there is also the possibility to color or whether it will be an even or odd number. Here you get the money twice again. As with the fields for sections of numbers, the field 0 is not included here. Therefore, if you bet that it will be an even number, then you will not win a prize if the ball hits 0. Some versions of roulette have in addition to the above-mentioned additional fields, also a number of more game options. These will usually be fields that cover specific patterns of numbers. For these patterns, however, the same principle applies that the payback is 36 divided by the number of numbers played on.

The difference between playing roulette online and at physical casinos is minimal. At online the same rules apply and the refunds are the same. When you play online, however, you have the advantage of not having to rush with bets before the dealer starts the wheel, the exception here is with live roulette, which you can read more about further down.

To play online, you choose the version of roulette you want to play. In the game, you will typically be able to choose between several different chips with different bets. The chips are placed on the fields you want to bet on. When you are sure what you want to play on, you can press on and the wheel will start and the ball will land on a random number. When the round is over, you will receive a win if you have hit right and go to the next round. For most versions of roulette online, you will quickly be able to place the same bet again with a single button. It is therefore fast to move forward if you have one or more lucky numbers you would like to bet on again.

Live roulette is a popular form of roulette that has appeared on online casinos and is played on providers with live casino. When you played at a live casino roulette, through the software you will be able to view the table at a real casino and through the software place bets and make other necessary actions in the game. The rules are exactly the same as if you even sat at the casino, the difference is just that you can sit comfortably at home in front of the computer or your mobile device instead.