How Online Chat Service Works in Customer Service

Customer support is one of the primary factors when choosing a brand. 80% of customers say the brand experience is just as important as the offered products and services. Another 80% of customers say they’re willing to spend more money only to receive a better customer experience. With these statistics, it shows that customer support can drastically enhance the overall customer experience of consumers.  

With the rise of e-commerce and technology, online chat service is a customer support channel quickly rising in prominence. Thus, there is a need for capable text chat operators to respond to these online queries.


What Is A Text Chat Operator?

Text chat operators are customer service agents that provide customer support via chat. Their key responsibility is to respond to customer queries and issues immediately and accurately. Also, they must have enough knowledge about a company’s products and services. 

There are things to consider in how to become a text chat operator.  

  • Can Upsell Or Cross-Sell

Upselling encourages customers to purchase a higher-end product while cross-selling invites customers to buy complementary items. It is essential to upsell or cross-sell products and services to become a text chat operator. That way, you can make the customers spend more while giving them excellent customer service.


  • Can Handle Complaints

Customer complaints are part of running a business. Hence, you must be knowledgeable enough about how to handle them and communicate with customers more effectively.

  • Can Manage Multiple Chats

In providing customer service, you must learn to multitask or juggle multiple customer queries simultaneously. You can use canned messages to reduce customer wait time.

  • Can Work Effectively

To work effectively, you must be a fast and efficient typewriter, respond promptly to customer concerns and queries, and troubleshoot common issues.

How Online Chats Work In Customer Service 

Online chats are effective media for companies to connect with their customers in real-time. This dynamic communication platform facilitates immediate and direct interactions, benefiting businesses and their clientele.

Let’s break down how online chat works and the role of text chat operators in delivering excellent customer service.

1. Starting A Conversation  

In an online chat, you, as a text chat operator, must initiate a conversation by suggesting questions relevant to the customer’s activity.

However, make sure that your tone won’t sound robotic. After all, most customers prefer to talk to an actual human agent. 

This proactive method demonstrates an eagerness to help and makes it feel like you’re communicating with them on a more personal level.

2. Showing Empathy 

Empathy refers to understanding and sharing feelings. That is important when providing excellent customer support. Putting yourself in their situation fosters better connection and may even give you insight on how to respond or solve the problem.

Let them know you share your feelings through your words and actions. Then, you can offer them some options to resolve their problems. Explain the benefits of each option and the reasons why you offer them. 

3. Providing Urgent Response 

Businesses reported losing over 70% of customers due to long waiting times. Time is valuable to customers. So, they expect you to resolve their issues and complaints within 48 hours. 

If you can’t provide a resolution within that time frame, then it’s best to inform them that you will get back to them again and make sure to do so. That way, you’ll save time and effort. Furthermore, the customer will understand that you can address their problems and get a reasonable solution. 

4. Agent Transfer And Escalation

Sometimes, you simply don’t have the answer to a customer query. In these situations, the best thing you can do is to transfer it to another, more suitable agent or a higher authority. However, doing this might frustrate customers, especially if you’re not providing an omnichannel means of communication.

Omnichannel communication brings together all your customer conversations into a unified platform. This means that customers won’t become frustrated when transferred to other agents with greater expertise, as the transition is seamless and the context is preserved.

5. Following Up 

Some customers express interest in your products and services, and sometimes, they just need a little encouragement and follow-up to make a decision.

Initiating follow-ups not only helps you to nurture customer relationships but also enhances their overall experience with your brand. This improved experience can lead to higher customer retention rates and even referrals. 

To successfully conduct follow-ups, it’s essential to express gratitude for their interest. Afterward, you can offer them additional support, provide information about other offerings they might find appealing, or address any specific concerns or questions. This personalized approach can significantly contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Online Chat Services Is Your Way To Go 

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, online chat services are vital in elevating customer service standards. The prowess of online chats becomes even more significant when you have a skilled text chat operator. 

This invaluable asset empowers your business to not only retain existing customers but also attract new ones through the provision of exceptional customer chat support.