Hot Chocolate Roundup from the NY Times

On Christmas Eve, the Times Dining Section devoted their $25 and under column to chocolate places with high quality hot chocolates. And oh yeah, food too.

And from the links below that article, an older Travel section piece on hot chocolate in the city. I’ve had La Maison du Chocolat hot chocolate before – it’s super rich, and I highly recommend sharing.

And another older linked to regional piece about handmade chocolates that had slipped under my radar the first time around. I’m begging my friend Chris, who keeps a car on campus, for a road trip to Knipschildt, which I’ve gotten to taste in a Calhoun chocolate tasting. I wonder…if I pick up truffles for another tasting while I’m at their Chocopologie cafe, would my college spring for the gas money? I’ve also gotten to taste and review the truffles of Chef Staley of Madison Chocolates