Hissee Fit Snake Spray – Cherry Chase

This Hissee Fit Snake Spray?came, along with a bunch of other candies, as a free sample from the National Confectioners Association. It is definitely not something that I would have picked up on my own.

Spray/liquid candy is a weird genre. It was basically a tube of liquid candy with a little squirting nozzle attachment at the top. Each squirt delivered just a few drops.

My sample was Cherry Chase flavored. The candy blogger’s worry with cherry (and grape) flavored candies is that it will taste of cough syrup. Unfortunately, this fell right into that trap.

To be fair, the spray finished with a brightly sweet finish that wasn’t unpleasant. Still, the bulk of the flavor profile was that of artificial cherry with a horrid medicinal tinge. A “toss the remainder into the trash”?–.