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Highest-Paid Baseball Players of All Time

Major League Baseball (MLB) is always an intense, unpredictable, mesmerizing, and inspiring event. Teams play 162 matches per season, and if you are a playoff contender and can win the World Series, it is at least 11-18 games more. The best way to ensure you are not going to miss any historical moment is to watch baseball live stream online, especially during the pandemic.

Baseball is reasonably recognized as one of the national sports in the United States. While there are so many movies about the game, it is essential to know your heroes’ real faces, or, perhaps more importantly when it comes to baseball – their stats, league rankings, awards, and distinctions. It will help you understand their contribution to the game and their value as players.

As in any other sport, athletes’ average annual salaries keep growing, and that includes the MLB contracts’ total value. Below, you will find a list of the highest-paid players at the moment. It is impossible not to mention Alex Rodriguez, whose career earnings made him the highest-paid player of all time at the end of the 2019 season. Baseballers’ earnings have only gone up since then. It emphasizes how quickly the game gains its momentum and how competitive this environment is. Check out the new record breakers below!

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Nickname: The Millville Meteor. Contract: $426 million, 2019-2030.

Mike Trout is a professional baseball center fielder who has signed a 12-year contract with the MLB franchise, Los Angeles Angels. Under this agreement, the athlete will receive $426 million over the next twelve years, which is equal to a $36 million average annual salary (that is $1.23 per second!). At the moment of signing the contract, it was the largest contract in professional sports in general. It still remains the largest one and the first $400+ million contract in baseball history.

Mike Trout is a three-time American League Most Valuable Player (MVP), seven-time winner of the Silver Slugger Award, and an eight-time MLB All-Star.

Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees

Nickname: Chef G, Cole Train. Contract: $324 million, 2020-2028.

His contract signed with the Yankees this year became another record in MLB history as the largest deal for a pitcher, alongside Cole being the highest-paid player New York Yankees have ever had. Gerrit Cole is the first pitcher in Major League history to strike out nine or more batters while allowing one or fewer hits in a postseason game.

Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals

Nickname: Mad Max. Contract: $210 million, 2015-2021.

Scherzer’s contract with Washington Nationals is considered the best free-agent pitcher contract in the history of baseball. He is recognized as one of the best pitchers of all time due to his numerous achievements, strikeout records, and distinctions. Max Scherzer is a three-time winner of the Cy Young Award, the World Series champion (2019), and the fifth to throw an immaculate inning (twice).

Zack Greinke, Houston Astros

Nickname: Greinke. Contract: $206.5 million, 2016-2021.

Greinke is a six-time both All-Star and Gold Glove Award winner, two-time Silver Slugger Award winner, and a Cy Young Award. Fans describe Greinke as a “scientist of a pitcher,” and in Houston Astros, he shows 1.3 walks per nine innings, the third result in the Major League and the best ratio of his career. His annual salary in the Houston Astros is $35 million.

Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals

Nickname: Stras. Contract: $245 million, 2020-2026.

At the time of signing his deal with the Washington Nationals, it was going to be the largest contract for a pitcher ever, considering both an average annual value and total value. Still, Gerrit Cole has overcome him within a week. Strasburg is a three-time All-Star and the World Series MVP and champion (2019), has won a bronze medal when pitching for the United States national baseball team at the Olympics (2008) and pitched an immaculate inning (2019). He also set several records, including most victories in a single post-season (2019).

The Bottom Line

Baseball is continuously evolving and expanding in financial matters, just like any other sport. That doesn’t only provoke the growth of career earnings for individual players but also setting new historical MLB records and achievements

Besides the players described above, there are several more that deserve an honorable mention, such as Nolan Arenado, Justin Verlander, David Price, Manny Machado, and Clayton Kershaw, and their salaries are no less than $30 million per year.

Many of those professionals have faced difficult times in their careers, like dealing with injuries or anxiety, depression problems and it took some time for them to get back in shape. But what makes them real champions who are worth the money they have been paid, is their constant urge to do their jobs at the very limit of human capabilities.

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