Haribo Starmix Review

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Haribo Starmix: What?s Going On Here?

Haribo is all over the U.K. in a big way.

I brought back a couple of big bags of Haribo mini bags to give out to friends as little “I thought of you while abroad!” gifts. In addition to standard Haribo gummies (twin cherries, happy cola, etc.), Haribo also comes in a variety of mixes. I saw Tangfantastics, Spooky Mix, Football Mix, and Starmix, just to name a few. I’ve chosen to review Starmix mostly because it was the first bag I bought and the only bag I ate slowly enough to take tasting notes.

Haribo Starmix

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Haribo Starmix’s Random Shapes and Flavors:

Quite frankly, I have no idea why this is called Starmix. It contains foam and gummi hearts, foam and gummi fried eggs, gummi cola bottles, gummi bears, and gummi rings (the jewelry type, not the planetary type). Nothing in that bunch seems especially astral to me. Oh well. It’s still tasty. Random…

The hearts are a strawberry gummi with a white foam backing. The yolk of the fried eggs are a yellow gummi that tastes faintly of lemon, with the same white foam of the strawberry serving as the albumen. If you’ve never had gummi foam before, it’s a strange textural sensation. Really, the only way I can describe is by saying it’s foamy.

Haribo Starmix

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The cola bottles are (duh) cola flavored, with a tinge of “brown” soda flavor accented with citrus. The gummi bears come in orange, yellow (lemon), and green (apple), and the ring colors include red (cherry), white (pineapple), orange (I swear, it’s tangier in ring form than in bear form), and lemon.

What Flavor are Haribo Starmix?

There are so many flavors available the list goes as follows-

  • Goldbears
  • Twin snakes
  • Happy Cola
  • Happy cherries and gummi ring

The more amazing fact about this is that all of these flavors are made available in one single bag.

Are there cherries in Starmix

Well, yes there is a whole flavor dedicated to cherries in Starmix, you can call it by the name happy cherries. It is really delicious and good for the tastebuds and therefore it is very popular among the people.

What ingredients are in Haribos?

well, talking about the ingredients used in the composition of the candy we can say that the main ingredient used in the Haribo is beef or pork gelatine but other than these there are also a few instances where there is starch taken into use.

The conclusion

In hindsight, maybe the star in Starmix refers to favorites/best-sellers rather than to astronomy. A solidly standard, if not especially exciting, mix of Haribo gummis that get an OM. I liked the Tangfantastics better, mostly because those are covered in sour sugar.