Haribo Brixx - Review

Haribo Brixx [Review]

I bought this bag of Haribo Brixx at a dollar store. The same one where I bought Haribo Clown Fish and Pico-Balla. Thankfully, they weren’t as terrible as the others, but they definitely aren’t my favorite Haribo product.

Haribo Brixx

The Brixx are very cute little rectangles with six smaller white rectangles of fondant running through the center. They have a very stiff chew, with no bounce and barely any stickiness.

They come in three colors: yellow, green, and red. All are pretty regularly sized and covered in sugar sand, and all had a light creamy undertone that came from the fondant threads.

Haribo Brixx

I guessed that yellow was pineapple, but Candy Addict says it’s pear. It was mild and sweet, with tinge of sour citrus. The stiff chew made it taste kind of plasticky.

Green was apple. It combined the mellow roundness of Fuji apples with the edge of green Granny Smiths while staying shy of sourness.

Red fell into the trap of generic artificial red candy. It tasted deeply sweet and, well, red!

Haribo Brixx

I wasn’t a big fan of the texture, but I did enjoy the novelty of the fondant addition. An O.