Happy Memorial Day

I’ve gotten a bit behind on life, thanks to travel for Sweets and Snacks last week. I owe y’all a wrap-up of our second/final day at the Expo, and then it’s time to get to reviewing all the sweets that I picked up!

Today, however, is a U.S. holiday, so I’m putting everything off for one more day. If you just can’t wait, I’ve uploaded photos of all my Expo samples to my Flickr account under the tag SSE13. Leave a comment on anything that you think should be at the front of my reviewing queue!

I plan to kick off my Memorial Day getting my butt kicked by?Murph, a CrossFit workout in honor of a fallen SEAL and posthumous Medal of Honor recipient. I will not be doing it with a 20 lb weight vest (meant to approximate body armor), but I will be thinking about our men and women in uniform who run around in body armor every day so that the rest of us can enjoy our barbecues and summer kickoffs.

Then I will probably eat some candy. Happy Memorial Day!