Half off Michel Cluizel!

Last Tuesday, I flew from JFK to Gatwick, London, so of course I had to pop into the JFK duty free shop to look for candy deals. They had Ghirardelli and Godiva and Cadbury and Toblerone and more, but none of it was particularly special or well-priced, so I nearly left without buying anything. But just as I was turning to leave, a display of Michel Cluizel chocolates caught my eye. And at the top, a sign stating that, for a limited time, all Michel Cluizel chocolates were 50% off. Eep!

I bought two boxes of his champignon mushrooms that I so loved in this review. That’s 16 mushrooms for a flat $17. Considering that they’re usually at least $2 per mushroom (if you can find them in the first place) I got a great and delicious candy deal!

One box is already half gone; the other I’m saving to give to my aunt when I visit her in Liverpool. No one tell her I got it on sale! I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know that I candy review, since the last time she called to check up on me, she asked me how I found the food in England before asking if I knew anything about UK candy or if I even ate that much candy in the first place.