Gummy Choco Fruits Mix

I’ve wanted to try Meiji Gummy Chocos ever since Cybele from Candy Blog gave them a rave review. I had looked for them every time I went into an Asian grocery store and finally, FINALLY! found them last month in Austin, TX. They came in single flavor and fruit mix tubes; I went with the fruits mix, which contains strawberry, muscat, and orange.

Each Gummy Choco is about the size of a chocolate covered peanut, only they’re chocolate covered gummies. To be more specific, they’re dyed white chocolate around a millimeter thin layer of real chocolate around a gummi center. The chocolate layer is just thick enough to be noticeable while not warring with the sproingy gummis inside.

I like to eat these by chipping off the outside chocolate layer and letting it melt in my mouth before I chomp up the gummi. The coating only tastes faintly of cocoa, since it’s mostly white chocolate, but it’s pleasantly sweet. I think a greater proportion of real chocolate would have overwhelmed the gummi center anyway.

Strawberry is a pastel lavender color. I guess they were shooting for pink? The gummi is bright and fruity and does an admiral job of balancing out the sweet, milky coating. When this one is chomped all together, a strawberry finish lingers.

Orange is a pinkish orange color. This gummi is only mildly citrusy, with a zesty finish that comes through after the chocolate is all gone.

Muscat is a pale yellow green. The inside gummi tastes lightly of white grape, which is quite a different flavor from most purple grape gummis. It’s mild and floral and almost peachy.

I didn’t love these as much as Cybele did, but I did enjoy them and would buy them again for candy snacking. The sweet coatings get to be a bit much after a while, but they’re manageable a palmful at a time. An OM.

Now that I’m in upstate New York, I’ll have to begin my search for these again. I may just have to ask my mother to buy and mail me more. I especially want to try the peach only tube.