Great Budget Gaming Keyboards!

Great Budget Gaming Keyboards with great performance

As the title already implies, we will be talking about some great budget gaming keyboards for when you want excellent performance out of your keyboard when playing. Still, you don?t necessarily have the funds to ball out on gaming keyboards over $150. You?d be pretty surprised at the great value you?d get with a little under $150 on the keyboard market!

There are two types of gaming keyboards; the first is the more traditional keyboards that we are used to, the membrane keyboards. These are the ones that operate on one system, where all of the ?switches? are pressure pads, nothing too fancy. The other type is the mechanical keyboard, each key has an individual switch that ensures high response times.

So why even seek a gaming keyboard? Well, getting a gaming keyboard will (sometimes) improve your performance because of it?s increased response times, or it at least makes you feel like it will improve. Some gaming keyboards aim to actually help give you better gaming experience by having the NKRO function that can identify many simultaneous key presses.

Great Budget Gaming Keyboards

Redragon K552 Kumara

To kick off our list of gaming keyboards will probably be the best budget gaming keyboard on the market. This is the cheapest quality gaming keyboard(coming in under $50) that we can find. It is in the tenkeyless(TKL for short) form factor, which supports full RGB backlighting. It houses 87 independent switches with the NKRO function.?

Having the TKL form factor gets rid of the number pad generally found on the right side of the keyboard, this saves space for your whole desk. Redragon still managed to fit in the dedicated multimedia keys on the top of the keyboard. It?s smaller size doesn?t hinder your comfortable experience while using the keyboard, it just sacrifices convenience for space.

Corsair K55: Great Budget Gaming Keyboards?

We have our first membrane gaming keyboard on our list! The Corsair K55 is in the 100% form factor coming in at under $100. The K55 has 6 remappable macro keys that you can program all in their downloadable software. The K55 has an anti-ghosting function with a selective key rollover. Meaning you don?t get unintended inputs sent to your computer or laptop.?

HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

We have another gaming keyboard with the 100% form factor, coming from another significant gaming brand, HyperX. This gaming keyboard does have a TKL variation, but the difference between the two is just $20. So if you want the convenience of the Numpad, then you can go for the full 100% form factor, it?ll cost you about $110.

You have the choice of going with the gold standard of mechanical keyboard switches, which are Cherry MXs, or you can go with the switches made by HyperX. Either way, you?re still going to get great tactility and response with any of the switches.

Fnatic Streak

We have our final contender for cheap, high-quality gaming keyboards, Fnatic Streak. It goes without saying that this gaming keyboard will have great tactility since the switches that it runs are Cherry MX blues. This keyboard will cost you about $130. The included wrist rest probably ups the price more than need be, but this keyboard is tournament-grade stuff!?

It is quite the thin gaming keyboard, though, with a profile coming in at only 28mm. Having a slim profile like that will definitely make the keyboard light(a little less than a kilogram at 962g). Still, you don?t lose any durability that comes with the slimness.


Having a gaming keyboard is definitely the right way to go. Don?t just go chasing the pretty lights that keyboards have because a quality keyboard will be an indispensable tool for any gamer. Consider the keyboard size, the type of switch it uses, and, most importantly, the price! The keyboards in this list have definitely got you covered in that department!