Goody Good Stuff Strawberry Cream

Goody Good Stuff is a new gummi brand that’s made with all natural ingredients and no gelatin, so it’s truly vegetarian/vegan friendly. They’ve been around in the UK, and as of last month, they’re available in the US at Stop & Shops and Giants.

Check out their cute little Koala mascot! It likes rubbing up against peaches! Oh baby…

I got a couple of bags of free samples to review. Today, I’ll hit Strawberry Cream; Monday’s review will be Sour Fruit Salad.

The Strawberry Cream gummis were really strawberries and cream. Most were either strawberry (translucent orangey red) or cream (opaque white), though a few were a swirly mix.

They were adorably tiny, each about the size of my pinky fingernail, and covered in bumpy knobs like a raspberry candy.

I LOVED their texture, which was unlike anything I’d had before. It was crazy sproingy yet squishy, with a serious bounciness that was so fun to chew. Their “revolutionary, plant-derived bio-gum” is quite an invention!

Strawberry tasted sweet and floral with a mild strawberry flavor. It almost tasted translucent, if that makes any sense. There was an extra little pop of fruitiness in the finish.

Cream tasted sweet and lightly fruity. I got creamy yogurty flavors with just a hint of the strawberry.

These guys are well flavored, and the crazy unique texture elevates them to an OMG. I also loved their tiny size – I can pop lots, one by one!