Goldkenn – Swiss Gold Praliné

This gold bar of a pralin? was in my free Sweets and Snacks Expo goodie bag, courtesy of the NCA. It’s hard to tell what its proper name is from the external packaging – the embossed Goldkenn logo is rather blurry.

The single bar was actually comprised of two smaller bars. The smaller bars were individually wrapped in shiny gold paper, which was adorned with the Goldkenn name and tiny Swiss flags.

The mini bars were thick and soft milk chocolate rectangles. A few thinly sliced almonds were scattered horizontally throughout the bar, making them a visually interesting addition.

The almond slivers brought a pronounced nuttiness to the chocolate. The chocolate itself had a faint fruitiness to its flavor, but it mostly just tasted of extreme sugar.

Alas, there were no dairy or caramel notes. It just tasted way too sweet and unpleasantly cloying.

While this treat was visually stunning, I didn’t find its flavor to be much to crow about. It gets a for being too overly sweet, putting it solidly in the “meh” and “merits no praise” category.