Florida's Natural Fruit Nuggets (Organic) - Review

Florida’s Natural Au’some Organic Fruit Nuggets

I rarely buy candy just for snacking since I have a ridiculous stockpile. Florida’s Natural Au’some Organic Fruit Nuggets (which used to be just Fruit Nuggets; the organic part is a relatively new addition) are one of the few candies that I will buy to snack on, so I happily accepted free samples of them at Sweets and Snacks.

Florida's Natural Fruit Nuggets - Organic

They came in three different mixes: Orchard Sours were apple and lemon; Berrilicious were cherry, blueberry, and strawberry; and Fruit Grove was strawberry, banana, and orange.

The nuggets were all irregularly shaped, though they were generally rectangular and about the size of my pinky nail. They were chewy and lightly grainy and melted with a slight pasty feeling.

Florida's Natural Fruit Nuggets - Organic

All the nuggets within each bag looked the same, though the Berrilicious mix was a little darker than the other two and had a less mottled surface (they’re the ones on the left). They all tasted fruity and sweet with a slightly wheaty finish.

Florida’s Natural Fruit Nuggets – Berrilicious:

The Berrilicious nuggets were sweet and brightly fruity and tasted like blueberry and strawberry jam. The flavors were deep and mellow.

The Orchard Sours started off tasting like a mild and sweet lemon drop before developing biting notes of pear and finishing with fuji apple sweetness. For some reason pear was the first ingredient in the fruit puree ingredient list – maybe because they’re cheaper?

Florida's Natural Fruit Nuggets - Organic

Florida’s Natural Fruit Nuggets – Fruit Grove:

Fruit Grove nuggets were sweet and had airy overtones of banana and applesauce. They finished by tasting like sweet orange juice.

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Florida's Natural Fruit Nuggets - Organic

The conclusion?

I like these for snacking because their fruity flavors are so intense and powerful. That intensity makes them overwhelming if you eat too many at once (like I did while trying to figure out if each nugget was one fruit flavor or many), so moderation is cautioned. An OM.

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Florida's Natural Fruit Nuggets - Organic
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