Escazú Goat’s Milk Single Origin Carenero Venezeula

After my last experience with Escaz?, I had to have more. Fortunately, there’s a great coffeeshop?right by my gym that sells some of their line, so I nabbed this Escazu? bar with a mouthful of a moniker: Goat’s Milk Single Origin Carenero Venezuela.

Like the last bar, this was divided into 24 rectangles. This one easily and sharply snapped along its scores and melted with a matte mouthfeel.

The chocolate started off lightly sweet, then developed edgy caramel notes while also intensifying with a fruity, cherry sweetness.

The finish was absolutely incredible. It was slightly tangy and almost savory, I think because of the goat’s milk, but it didn’t have any of the unctuous funkiness that can sometimes accompany goat cheese.

That finish lingered for quite some time after the chocolate had melted away.?I couldn’t get enough of this bar, as evidenced by the fact that it’s half gone. An?OMG.