Economy Candy – ZOMG!

My visit to New York was incredibly fun (and rather expensive). Lunch at Cafe Boulud was lovely and tasty, even if the portions were a bit small. I had the corn soup, the scallops, and this blueberry cake-y thing (I forget the exact name) for dessert. Mmmm!

food-blog-pictures-188.jpg was candy heaven. The cheapest bulk candy I’ve ever seen, and a wide assortment of foreign and nostalgia candies that I’ve never seen (except in other candy blogs). The foreign bars were a bit pricey at $1.50 each, but the nostaliga stuff was a pretty good deal at $0.75 each or 3 for $2. I spent about $40 on a heavy bag full of candy, and I wish I’d spent more – especially on halvah.

Oh halvah, why didn’t I buy more of you? I’d never tasted you before, so I opted to just buy one small, all too soon consumed square. You were so delicious, with your sweet and nutty sesame paste goodness. And you were so cheap – a huge slice was only $2.50! But I didn’t buy you by the huge slice because I feared you’d taste yicky. Lone piece of halvah, when I ate you just down the street from the Economy Candy store and discovered how delicious you were, I should have marched right back in almondhalvah-sm.jpgand bought as much of you as I could carry. I didn’t even get a picture of you because I ate you so quickly. At least Cybele from Candy Blog did, and she’s been kind enough to let me use her photo to show you what halvah is. She loved it too, and she wasn’t too embarrassed to go back and buy more halvah like I was. And that is (one of many reasons) why she’s a better candy blogger than I am.

My Economy Candy stash should keep me in reviews until Halloween at the very least. Hooray! On a sadder note, the summer is now over. I’m back at school, classes started last Wednesday, and my extracurriculars are gearing up, which leaves me with far less time for sharing my love for candy. I think I’m okay for now since exams are still weeks away, but don’t be surprised if I end up cutting my updates from every weekday to just MWF. I’d hate to make that concession, but if my grades drop because I’m blogging about candy instead of studying, my parents may actually kill me.

To end this post on a happy note, remember that Halloween is just around the corner! I’m too old for trick-or-treating, but I’ve already got a giant bag full of candy!