Economy Candy in the NY Times

Economy Candy (of which I am a huge proponent) gets a shout out in a NY Times’s 36 hours in NYC article. I hope it brings them tons of extra customers; they deserve them!

Here’s the blurb from the article:

“A giant Gummi rat. How New York is that? You can pick one up to take home, along with giant pixie sticks (99 cents), wax fangs, Mallo Cups and classics like Hot Tamales and Mike and Ikes at Economy Candy (108 Rivington Street; 212-254-1531;. Crammed with what seems like every candy bar ever known, plus hard candies by the pound, nuts and dried fruits, it?s a playground for the sugar-obsessed.”

A personal tangent after the jump…

I love that the Times made Economy Candy the last thing on the list. Because if you go there too soon during your trip, you’re stuck lugging a 10-pound bag full of candy around New York City all afternoon and evening (really your then boyfriend is doing most of the lugging, because he’s a nice guy), and you have to hide the bag under your seat while you’re watching Rent on Broadway (with original cast members Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal!!) because technically no food is allowed in the Nederlander, and your then boyfriend has to hold the bag for you while you spend at least an hour waiting at the stage door to get your Playbill and Rent movie poster signed (Adam Pascal never showed then, nor when you went to see him in concert in New Haven and waited by the stage door afterwards in the FREEZING cold).

And you can’t even eat any of it because you have to take pictures of it all first.

My now boyfriend would like me to add that he would have lugged two heavy bags of candy all over Manhattan for me.

And I would like to add that Jesse L. Martin and Anthony Rapp have signed my poster so far; if Adam Pascal would like to make amends, or if Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs, or Wilson Jermaine Heredia would like to make amends for him, I would be receptive.