Dove Promises Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter

Dove Promises’s newest product, milk chocolate with peanut butter, is heading into bold territory by trying to hone in on Reese’s audience. Challenging Reese’s is no small feat – they’ve really perfected the chocolate/peanut butter balance, both flavor and texture-wise, and they’re a brand behemoth. It may not be entirely fair to judge Dove against Reese’s, but the comparison is unavoidable.

So how’d they do? The Promises are covered in classic smooth and creamy Dove milk chocolate and filled with a similarly silky peanut butter filling. The milk chocolate was soft rather than snappy, making the whole Promise rather pliable.

The peanut butter filling was nutty, but not roasty, and could have been saltier. Reese’s has done so well precisely because its peanut butter is salty enough to really stand up against the chocolate. Dove’s could have been stronger. Still, Dove did at least manage a decently balanced chocolate to peanut butter ratio.

All in all, not a bad effort. They look slightly nicer than Reese’s miniatures, and they’d fit in nicely with a mix of Promises for a living room candy bowl. But if I have a peanut butter/milk chocolate craving while I’m in the candy aisle, I’d go with a Reese’s instead. An O.

  • Mike

    Terrible review. I totally disagree with it. This is one of the best products I’ve had in quite awhile. Dove PB Promises are ten times better than any Reese’s PB product. Salty is not desirable, you want a good roasted peanut flavor which the Dove PB Promises have, as well as being very silky smooth in both the chocolate and the peanut butter. Reese’s are too salty and have a very low roasted peanut flavor (maybe a little oxidized too?) and are too chunky. Not to mention the chocolate is terrible. I hope the Dove PB Promises do well, so I can keep buying them 🙂

  • I completely agree with Mike. Reeces are disgusting! The chocolate is plastic tasting and the peanut butter is so overwhelmingly salty. These new dove promises are addicting. Ghiradelli’s peanut butter and chocolate squares top them though.

  • wanda johnson

    What is the name of the sexy guitar-playing song on this commercial on tv?