Darrell Lea’s Soft Eating Liquorice

I got these bags of Darrell Lea’s Soft Eating Liquorice as free samples via the manufacturer. According to their PR peeps, they’re Australia’s #1 soft eating liquorice. Wonder if that means there’s such thing as a hard eating liquorice?

They come in four flavors – strawberry, green apple, mango, and original. I told them that I’m afraid of black licorice, so they didn’t send? me the original.

They were way bigger than I expected, about Chapstick-sized. The flavors are all natural, which explains the refreshingly earthy, muted colors.

They were soft, wheaty, and pliable. They were easy to chew but got a tad stuck in the nooks and crannies of my molar.

Strawberry was lovely and sweet, with a round mellow strawberry flavor. I love the purpley-pink color. The ingredients list indicates that it’s colored with black carrot extract. Cool!

Green was neutral colored and just lightly tinged with green. They colored it with spinach extract. It tastes wheatier than the others and veers dangerously close to plasticky territory. The apple flavor is light and just barely there in the finish.

Mango was my favorite. It tasted sweet and peachy with overtones of citrus. Yum!

These are unlike any licorice that I’ve had before. They’ve forever ruined Twizzlers for me (not that I much cared for them in the first place). An O for the green apple and OMs for mango and strawberry.