Dark Chocolate Chipotle Almonds from Sugarfina

These Dark Chocolate Chipotle Almonds were another free sample from Sugarfina. They came in a little plastic 2×2 inch box, which I believe is their petite size. It held ~20 almonds.

They were much larger than most dark chocolate-covered almonds that I’ve seen, I think because the almonds were first given a chipotle-flavored candy shell before their shiny outer layer of panned chocolate.

That candy shell gave these almonds a great sweet crunch with a lightly spiced smoky chipotle flavor that brought just the right amount of firey heat to the finish.

The almond centers were crunchy as well. Their roasted nuttiness paired well with the chipotle and the chocolate.

Finally, the outer dark chocolate layer was lightly fruity and sweet. It provided a nice undertone to the spicy nuttiness, making this a well-balanced treat all around.

These almonds were like nothing I’d ever had before, and I found them to be an enjoyable treat. I’d love to buy these as a pick-me-up snack, though their $5/~20 price tag on Sugarfina (that’s 25 cents a nut!) puts them into the special-splurge section of my grad student budget. An OM.