Cup-o-Gold [Review]

Next on board for the 1/2 week of “chocolate marshmallow cup type candies” is the Cup-o-Gold. Unlike the Valomilk, which came two cups per pack, the Cup-o-Gold is one giant cup.


The wrapper promises “creamy milk chocolate, toasted almonds, that hint of coconut, and the signature creamy center.” The chocolate of the Cup-o-Gold has a good snap to it. It’s a super sweet milk chocolate, but the overly sweet taste was redeemed by the promised hint of coconut and almonds that imparted a nice toasty-ness to the chocolate cap.


While I liked the nutty taste, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. There was way too much chocolate and not enough of the creme filling. In fact, there was so little of the creme filling that I couldn’t really taste it, and it was completely overwhelmed by the chocolate and coconut.


I usually don’t like coconut in my candy because I find the texture unpleasant. In the Cup-o-Gold, the last thing you’re left with is little bits of chewy coconut. Yet it works for this cup, possibly because the coconut is too finely chopped to feel funny against my teeth.

I liked this candy and would eat it again. I bought it at Economy Candy in New York City, so it’ll be a while before I get the chance to buy another, which is often enough for me. A tasty OM. OM+, in fact.

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