Crystal Light Sugar Free Chewy Candy – an attempted review

I received this bag of Crystal Light Sugar Free Chewy Candy as a free sample from the National Confectioners Association.

I’m not one who would buy sugar free candy for myself, but I was happy to give them a try. I’d had Crystal Light’s Sugar Free hard candies before, which I had found quite nice.

The candies were super sticky, so sticky that I couldn’t get the orange one cleanly out of its wrapper. That was likely due to the summer heat.

They came in four flavors: strawberry, lemon, orange, and raspberry. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a good handle on any of them.

I tried biting into a couple and immediately had to spit them back out. They tested overwhelmingly of musty paper. Sweet musty paper, sure, but still like paper!

That mustiness was so off-putting that I just had to get them out of my mouth. I threw the bag away, but not before noting that their best by date was given as 02/10/12.

I’ll concede that it’s possible that they wouldn’t have tasted so gnarly if they weren’t melting into the paper. But the Hi-Chews that I’ve been keeping in the same weather all tasted fine, so I’m still blaming Crystal Light for making an inferior product. A .