Cote D’or Banana

This Cote D’or Banana bar was given to me by my friends Katie and A.J. They stopped by Rochester on their way back from a visit to Canada. I think that’s where the bar came from as well.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m terrified of artificial banana flavored things. So this bar was pretty scary.

The bar was chunked into six segments, each filled with a banana fondant and each stamped with their little elephant logo. Alas, mine got a little smooshed in transit, which caused the fondant to get rather oozy.

The banana scent of this bar was quite strong. It smelled just like an overripe banana while avoiding any obvious chemical notes.

All the banana flavor was in the fondant, which tasted like the bar smelled. The fondant was grainy, yet melted instantly when it hit my mouth. The texture was reminiscent of the center of a York Peppermint Patty.

The chocolate was a dark-ish milk that was grainy and sweet with a fruity finish. I couldn’t really get a feel for its flavor because the banana-ness overtook everything.

This bar wasn’t as scary as it could have been. I found the banana flavor to be overwhelming, so it wasn’t for me, but at least the banana flavor tasted like real bananas. An O.