Colby Ridge Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

These chocolate-covered potato chips came as free samples from Colby Ridge Popcorn and Gifts.

They also sent along chocolate-covered caramel corn, which I’ll review on Wednesday, and an impressive assortment of sweet and savory popcorn, which I won’t review because it’s not exactly candy (though I will say that their Jalapeno Cheddar is crazy addictive).

The chips were plain ridged/ruffled chips enrobed in milk or dark chocolate. The chips were salty and crunchy, which paired well with the sweetness of the chocolate.

The milk chocolate was sweet and matte, with malty cocoa notes and a slight caramel tinge to the finish.

Dark chocolate had a clean, smooth snap. It was bittersweet with a mild, dry duskiness and a lightly sweet fruitiness to the end.

These were a great combination of smooth and crunchy in texture and salty, sweet, and starchy in flavor. The milk chocolate gets an OM for being slightly too sweet. The depth of the cocoa flavor in the dark chocolate version made it extra addictive and earned it an OMG.