Colby Ridge Chocolate-Covered Caramel Corn Clusters

These chocolate-covered caramel corn clusters also came as free samples from Colby Ridge Popcorn and Gifts (I reviewed their chocolate-covered potato chips on Monday). Their name is pretty self-explanatory: clusters of caramel corn covered in milk and dark chocolate.

Each cluster was comprised of about 4 or 5 pieces of caramel corn. The popcorn was a nice combination of fluffy and crunchy, while its caramelization was thin and crispy and tasted of toffee.

The milk chocolate had a thick melt with notes of caramel and malt, like that of the milk chocolate-covered potato chips.

While the sweet milk chocolate worked okay with the salty potato chips, here without any salt to cut the sweetness, it got a bit too cloying, though the toastiness of the popcorn helped some. It gets an O.

The dark chocolate was the same as that of the potato chips – on the sweet side for dark chocolate, with a light fruitiness. It was better than the milk chocolate version, but it too got too sweet after a few clusters. An OM.