Churchill's Confectionery Carousel

REVIEW: Churchill’s Confectionery Carousel

Churchill’s Confectionery is family-run, London-based company that is now making inroads in the U.S. via shops like Williams Sonoma and Bloomingdale’s. They recently sent me a free sample of their Carousel tin filled with toffee and vanilla fudge.

Churchill's Confectionery Carousel

The tin itself was beautiful: a round cylinder with a tented top and embossed with colourful (see what I did there) carousel horses. The tin held two bags of individually wrapped candies, one of?round dairy toffees and another of rectangles of vanilla fudge.

Churchill's Confectionery Carousel

Vanilla Fudge first:

The vanilla fudge squares were softy grainy and easy to bite through. They chewed up into a pleasant, pliable mush that melted in my mouth.

Churchill's Confectionery Carousel - Vanilla Fudge

The fudge had a mellow, round, floral sweetness that finished with a hint of fruitiness.?I usually dislike fudge because I find it too sweet, but I enjoyed these. An O.

Dairy Toffee Fudge next:

The dairy toffee was firm, but I was able to bite through it cleanly. It had a sticky?chew that left bits of toffee wedged in the nooks and crannies of my teeth.

Churchill's Confectionery Carousel - Dairy Toffee Fudge

The flavor was sweet and buttery, with just an edge of burnt sugar deliciousness. I’m a sucker?for British toffees, and while I prefer the deeper scorchy notes of Walker’s Treacle Toffee, this lighter toffee was good enough for an OM.

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Churchill's Confectionery Carousel
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