Chow’s Summer Gift Guide

Chow’s Summer Gift Guide 2008 has been posted. While there are no actual candy items, Vosges (which I’ve reviewed quite a bit) has a product that made it on the list: their Red Velvet Mini Party Cake. It looks delicious and gorgeous, but really, $60 for a cake that only serves four? Not even including shipping, which will run you $32.50 for 2nd day air to keep it from going bad? Must be nice to be made of money.

If I had $92.50 to spend on Vosges, I’d eat their incredible truffles and Exotic Chocolate Bars until I exploded. Great red velvet cake can be found in bakeries and restaurants all over, and you can even make one yourself. Creamy, indulgent, and excitingly flavored chocolate, not so easy to find.

And, in completely non-candy related Chow Gift Guide news, a book edited by my former History of Food professor, Food: A History of Taste, made the cut as well.? It was also nominated for a James Beard Award but lost out to something about oysters (that probably only won because it picked a weirdly obscure topic and was automatically charming; I am, of course, clearly biased on this topic).