Choward’s Guava

I once had the terrible misfortune of once trying a Choward’s Violet Mint. Do you like eating soap? I don’t either. The violet mint was like eating a mouthful of crumbly, flower-scented soap.

When I saw a guava version, however, I decided to give Choward’s another try. After all, the little pack was just $0.99 at Cost Plus World Market.

To start off with the most positive aspect, they were much more palatable than the violet version. As in, they were palatable, period.

The candies came in small pink tiles. They were made of compressed sugar but felt moist and crumbled instead of disintegrating.

I actually don’t know what guavas are supposed to taste like. These tasted like peach with a mango seediness to the finish. They had a bright flash of tartness at the end that was quite nice.

While I really enjoyed the flavor, the texture was meh at best. I’d prefer them in hard candy form. An O.