Chocri Creations – Part II

On Monday, I introduced Chocri and one of the bars that I customized with 5 of their 90 toppings, purposefully shooting for a weird creation. Today’s review is of a bar that I purposefully tried to make delicious. And it worked!

This one’s a 64% dark chocolate with cornflakes, sour cherries, sea salt, and ground chili. Lindt has already shown that cherry and chili go well with dark chocolate, and I liked Ritter Sport’s cornflake bar, so why not mix them all together, with a dash of salt just for fun?

The dark chocolate base was lovely: snappy, with deep, strong cocoa notes and a nice amount of duskiness. And, like my other two Chocri bars, helpfully molded so that the back was lightly segmented for ease in eating.

The cornflakes were a light, crunchy touch that added a fun textural contrast, a bit of corny flavor, and a starch to temper the sweetness of the chocolate and cherries. Unfortunately, many of mine got pulverized when I handled the bar to break it along the segment lines. Maybe they would have survived better if they were mixed inside the chocolate instead of left to float on the surface.

The sour cherries really live up to their name and are super tart, in addition to being sweet and cherry-ful. The ground chili adds just enough heat to make itself known, but not so much that it gets too painful. That’s my kind of chili chocolate!

The sea salt, however, didn’t add much. In fact, I think it made the chocolate take on a sour tinge in some places – it wasn’t evenly distributed, so it was too strong in some places.

All in all, a nice mix of flavors and textures that go well together. If I had a do-over, I’d just go with the cherries, cornflakes, chili, and chocolate – a 4 Cs bar!