Chocomize Bar II

I wrote about my purposefully strange Chocomized bar on Monday. Today, I’m writing about the free sample bar that I Chocomized with the hopes that it would taste good: dark chocolate with currants, dried raspberries, and sea salt.

As with Monday’s bar, Chocomize was super generous with the toppings. They were well distributed, so it was again tricky to find a piece of plain chocolate for tasting.

The dark chocolate was extremely snappy, with sweet cocoa flavors and a little fruitiness. It was nice quality, if not maximally complex, so it made a good staging ground for the toppings.

The sea salt flakes were quite large. They really made their presence known when I came across them. Each flake brought a bright flash of sour and sweet. With the larger ones, a bit of saltiness actually came through loud and clear.

I was really excited about the currants. They’re a common candy/juice flavor in the U.K. but have yet to catch on in the U.S. Alas, these currants taste like tiny raisins, minus the chewiness. While they were fine and dandy as is, I missed the expected extra complexity and edge of currants.

I loved the dried raspberries, though. They were beautiful and adorable, like the shrunken head equivalent of fresh raspberries (tangential note: a Google image search of shrunken head ain’t pretty), and were chewy, seedy, and tasted darkly red.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how this bar turned out. And I’m pleased with the quality of Chocomize’s work. The base chocolates are tasty and the toppings are fresh and generous. If the toppings don’t work with the base chocolate, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Like Chocri, the bars don’t come cheap, but you pay a premium because they’re handmade. If you want to try them for 10% less of a premium, Chocomize has kindly set up a discount code for y’all, dear readers. Entering “ZOMG” as a coupon code, without quotes, will net you 10% off your total order!