Chocolate tasting with the NCA

Candy Dish Blog, the blog of the NCA (National Confectioners Association had a couple of posts up about chocolate tasting and how chocolate is made with Jacques Torres (aka Mr. Chocolate). Turns out those videos were made by the NCA’s Chocolate Council as part of a promotional effort to encourage chocolate tasting.

I got a fun and free chocolate tasting kit in my surprise press kit, filled with chocolates of varying cacao percentages. If you haven’t tried chocolate tasting before, I highly recommend it! Tasting parties are easy to throw – just pick up a few different bars and line up some friends with willing taste buds.

I love tasting the subtle differences in chocolate flavors that you may miss if you’re not tasting them next to other bars that provide immediate contrasts. Those differences all come from the beans themselves or the ratios of cocoa butter and cocoa solids to other ingredients – amazing!