Chocolate party updates!

Remember that chocolate party I was so excited about? I’m finally ready to start posting about it! I have 13 bars to get through, plus one round-up comparison. I thought about going back to daily posts for the next 3 weeks, but then I decided against it because I figured y’all would get bored of nothing but chocolate bar reviews.

Instead, they shall come sporadically. Hopefully I will be able to remember to tag them all with “chocolate party”. Be on the lookout for Dagoba Week (6 bars), as well as reviews of Theo 3400 Phinney (3 bars), Endangered Species (1 bar), Choxie (1 bar), Hebert’s (2 bars at the party, plus 2 more bars that I just bought), and my highly scientific ratings summary (I had my friends “blindly” taste the bars).