Chocolate Fruit Basket

Up until these Sconza Fruit Basket candies, Raisinets were the extent of my chocolate covered dried fruit experience. I’m glad that I upgraded!

These chocolates are described as “Five delicious dried fruits – apricots, cherries, apples, blueberries, and cranberries – robed in sweet milk chocolate and colorful, flavorful white chocolate.” From my best guess, the orange ones were apricot, the blue ones were blueberry, the white ones were cranberry, and the red ones were apple. Erm… I don’t know where cherry fits in in that bunch, but I trust that it’s in there somewhere. Probably the white ones.

They’re gorgeous candies and would look great in a dish or a bowl for company. The sizes aren’t uniform, both among and within the different colors, but all the pieces are roughly spherical (good enough) and have a wonderful depth to their color and shine to their sheen.

The dried fruits were buried in the middle of two layers of chocolate – the inner milk and the outer dyed or plain white chocolate. The colored layer tasted fruity to me, but that may have been the flavor of the dried fruit pieces leeching into their chocolate coating. The different pieces didn’t taste that distinctive to me, as the sweetness of the chocolate was rather overpowering. All of them pretty much tasted just generally sweet and fruity, and only through careful dissection during tasting was I able to distinguish the different fruits.

Such extreme chocolatey-ness made these guys super sweet, and that the dried fruit pieces seemed to be sugared only added to the saccharinity. Still, the chocolate fruit basket pieces were surprisingly addictive, and I found myself needing to put the pouch away before I ate ’em all. They’re just too sweet to be slightly cloying, but not sweet enough to be thoroughly off-putting. I think these would make a great addition to trail mix. Salty nuts and cracker pieces would balance the Chocolate Fruit Basket nicely.

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