Lindt White Coconut

I’m usually not a fan of white chocolate. But Walgreen’s had Lindt on sale, and I couldn’t resist picking up this bar of White Coconut, as I’d never tried it before. It was a white chocolate bar “with delicate coconut flakes”. I don’t universally hate white chocolate – Trader Joe’s white chocolate chips are great…

Milka 2 Chocs

Milka 2 Chocs: Cow-Spotted Chocolate? [Review]

Last week, I reviewed the Ritter Sport Chocolate Duo. Today, I’ll review Milka’s version of a chocolate duo, the Milka 2 Chocs, which I also purchased in Italy. The bar itself was nice to look at: lightly segmented rectangles, each stamped with the Milka logo, with a pretty cow-splotch white chocolate pattern that went across…

Ritter Sport Ciocco-Duo

Here’s another Ritter Sport bar that I picked up in Europe: the Ciocco-Duo. Aka chocolate duo (my personal guessed-at translation, thank you very much). The wrapper also claims, “delizioso cioccolato al latte extra e squisito cioccolato bianco.” My guess at that translation? Delicious extra milk chocolate and exquisite white chocolate. But that’s just a guess….


Hershey’s Zero bar‘s claim to fame is its white coating. Specifically, it’s “caramel, peanut and almond nougat covered with white fudge.” Mine came free, courtesy of Munchies Sweets and Treats.  It was a bit too abundantly full of caramel, I guess, as my bar’s trademark white coating was streaked with it. The bottom layer of…

Choco Roll Taro

One of my dad’s specialty, cranks-it-out-for-dinner-parties dishes is taro root with chicken. He poaches chicken, uses the resulting stock to cook sliced taro root for hours until it’s buttery and meltingly soft, and mixes in the poached chicken (pulled into thin slivers that disappear into the “melted” taro) along with some chopped scallions. It’s delicious….

Fannie May Chocolates – Part II of Chicago Week

The saga of my sweet-toothing my way through Chicago continues with Fannie May chocolates, who I would liken to Chicago’s version of See’s, except See’s is better. At a Fannie May store, I picked out a selection of their chocolates and a few of their individually wrapped candies (review on those to come next week)….

Vosges Truffles

As previously mentioned on Monday, my box of 9 of Vosges Exotic Truffles were samples sent by the company. I shared them with friends, which is the best way to savor fine chocolates. From left to right and top to bottom they are (the last two trio photos are slightly off, with the Ambrosia and…