Candy choices

According to a series in the Chicago Tribune, Smarties are better than Skittles, and candy corn is better than chocolate. Healthwise, that is.

Her reasoning makes sense. Smarties are pretty much pure sugar, so they’re fat free. Skittles, on the other hand, contain fat, including saturated fat (surprising, as most fruit flavored candies are fat free).? Sadly, like with many other foods, that added fat makes Skittles taste goooood. But Smarties are a tasty sugar treat as well.

I liked the reasoning behind the candy corn versus chocolate debate. You’ll get sick of candy corn faster than you’ll get sick of chocolate, which I find to be true. Whenever I eat candy corn, I am reminded that it really doesn’t taste that good. Still, I enjoy candy corn, if only because I associate it with Halloween.

Speaking of which, happy Halloween tomorrow! I wish I was still young enough to go trick-or-treating. Or that I had younger siblings to steal candy from. Are you going trick-or-treating? Do you raid your kids’/siblings’ candy buckets? Do you dress up?

In two days, I will hit up Walgreen’s and buys lots of on sale candy, and it will be glorious!