Russell Stover Caramel

And Last? Russell Stover Caramel [Review]

Today is the last of the assorted Russell Stover chocolates that I picked up at a post-holiday sale. Monday was coconut, Wednesday was mint, and today we conclude with Russell Stover Caramel. The caramel is milk chocolate around a square of honey-amber colored caramel. The milk chocolate is thin and nicely shatters/crunches when bitten into….

Russell Stover Mint Patty

Next? Russell Stover Mint Patty [Review]

Here’s the second in my series of assorted Russell Stover chocolate reviews – Russell Stover Mint Patty. On Monday, I covered the coconut, and caramel will come on Friday. Today, we’ve got mint. The mint came in a flat fondant filled dark-chocolate disk. They seem to be trying to emulate York Peppermint Patties, perhaps with…

Russell Stover Coconut

First Up? Russell Stover Coconut! [Review]

I picked up a bag of assorted Russell Stover candy for half off in a post-Christmas sale. I guess the little bow in the top left corner was what made it holiday-y. I think the packaging was so sparsely decorated that it needn’t have been designated a holiday-specific candy. But who am I to complain…