Milky Way Magic Stars Candy

Milky Way Magic Stars Candy! [Review]

I do my best to be as objective as possible, and when extraneous factors influence that objectivity, I always try to disclose them. That’s why I always tell you when something I’m reviewing was a free sample, or when I’m tasting something from a candy genre that I personally dislike (like white chocolate or licorice)….

Russian Candy III

Russian Candies III

For some reason, this post disappeared after I wrote it the first time. It was originally supposed to publish after Russian Candies I and II but instead published as blank nothingness (much to the disappointment of Leslie, who gave me the candy in the first place). Fortunately, I still have my tasting notes, so I…

Snickers Nut ‘n Butter Crunch – Limited Edition

Oh Limited Edition items – how you appeal to my candy blogger impulses! The bright orange wrapper on the Snickers Limited Edition Nut ‘n Butter Crunch (I’m fond of pointing out how Reese’s has driven us to associate orange candy bar wrappers with peanut butter) promises “milk chocolate, peanuts and creamy peanut butter taste.” Peanut…

3 Musketeers Mint - Review

REVIEW: 3 Musketeers Mint (with dark chocolate)!

I remember buying regular 3 Musketeers bars out of the vending machines in high school. I’d lift off the bottom layer of chocolate, eat that flat piece, and then scoop out the nougat center, leaving me with a nice chocolate trough. 3 Musketeers were never my favorite bar, as the milk chocolate and sweet chocolate…