Kit Kat Uji Matcha - Review

Japanese Kit Kat – Uji Matcha Flavor

I got this Uji Matcha Kit Kat as a free sample from Uji Matcha is a specific blend of green tea, and it’s one of the many flavors of Japanese Kit Kats. The Kit Kat fingers were pea green colored. Even though I’ve reviewed quite a few matcha chocolates on this blog, I still…

Kit Kat Framboise - Review

Japanese Kit Kat Review – Framboise Flavor!

These Kit Kat Framboise were free samples from Tsunami . h k. I love trying different varieties of Japanese Kit Kats! I’m also amused that these Japanese Kit Kats were named in French – framboise means raspberry. Everything about this Kit Kat was pretty. The pink polka dots and ribbon on the outer box made…

Japanese Kit Kat - Wasabi Flavor

Japanese Kit Kat Wasabi?! [Review]

Japanese Kit Kat Review – Wasabi Flavor! As promised, here’s my review of the Wasabi flavored Japanese Kit Kat from my globetrotting friends Nana and Justin. My review of the Sweet Potato version that they also sent along posted on Wednesday. These also came individually wrapped, two to a package, and were a pale green….

Kit Kat Sweet Potato - Review

Japanese Kit Kat – Sweet Potato Flavor!

My friends Nana and Justin have been living and blogging abroad for the last few years. They’ve been a generous source of awesome foreign candy. Their latest gift was several Japanese Kit Kats in Wasabi and Sweet Potato flavor. I’ll cover Kit Kat Sweet Potato today; Wasabi will be reviewed on Friday. And stay tuned…

Kit Kat Milk Coffee - Review

Japanese Kit Kat – Milk Coffee Flavor!

This Kit Kat Milk Coffee came courtesy of my roommate’s boyfriend, Steve. I’m not sure how Steve got his hands on it, but I’m so thankful that he thought of sharing it with me! I can’t read any of the Japanese text on the packaging – if any readers know, feel free to leave a…

Kit Kat Ginger Ale - Review

Japanese Kit Kat – Ginger Ale Flavor!

Leave it to the Japanese to decide that Ginger Ale would make a good Kit Kat flavor. I’d read reviews of Ginger Ale Kit Kats on other sites, but it sounded so weird that I still really wanted to try one for myself. Lucky for me, there was one in my free sample box from…

Kit Kat Royal Milk Tea - Review

Japanese Kit Kat: Royal Milk Tea Flavor!

I got a bunch of Japanese Kit Kats in my free sample box from Tsunami?For some reason, Kit Kats in Japan have taken on a life on their own, with dozens of always available and seasonal/limited edition flavors, some of which are quite weird. Today’s review is of the first of the lot: Kit Kat?Royal…