Ferrero Raffaello

Ferrero Raffaello: What Is It? [Review]

I’ve written before how, when I was a kid, Ferrero Rochers were the pinnacle of fine chocolate. The?Ferrero Raffaello is in the same vein as the Rocher, but without those golden wrappers and tiny stickers, it just isn’t the same! Like Rochers, Ferrero Raffaello is a spherical wafer?filled with ganache and coated with chocolate. The…

Kinder Joy Eggs - Inside

Kinder Joy: The New Candy Egg! [Review]

Most people are pretty familiar with Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise eggs. They’re banned in the U.S. and some other countries because they mix edibles and toys with tiny parts, which is a no-no. Kinder Joy, which I came across for the first time in Europe, is a newer addition to the Kinder egg line. It too…

Kinder Happy Hippos Candy - Review

Kinder Happy Hippos Candy [Review]

Sometimes, candy can come awfully close to being too cute to eat. Fortunately for you lot, dear readers, I am willing to sacrifice my cuteness sensibilities and chomp down on adorable candy, even if it happens to endearingly resemble frightened hippos. What do the Hippos taste like? Kinder’s Happy Hippos, like nearly everything made by…

Ferrero Duplo

Ferrero Duplo: Not the Blocks! [Review]

I’ve still yet to meet a Ferrero product I didn’t like (though to be fair, I should note that I had never had?Ferrero Raffaello?until recently), and the Ferrero Duplo was no exception. If you look closely at the wrapper, you can see that my Ferrero Duplo is special – yes, that’s Hebrew on the wrapper….

Ferrero Rocher - Review

Ferrero Rocher: A Special Candy? [Review]

Ferrero Rocher are a pretty classic treat, and they’re probably Ferrero‘s most famous product in the U.S. Whenever my parents go back to China, they buy a bunch to give our relatives to give as gifts (they’re cheaper in the U.S. than they are in China). As a kid, I thought Rocherwas the pinnacle of…

Mon Cheri Chocolate - Review

Mon Cheri Chocolate [Review]

Mon Cheri chocolates, also by Ferrero, are attractively packaged, so they look more expensive than they actually are. They also look like they’d taste better than they actually do. That isn’t to say that Mon Cheri chocolates are bad, exactly, they’re just not that great. The individual chocolates are individually wrapped in shiny gold paper…