Candy Backlog #2: Gummy Jingle Buddies

I got these adorable Gummy Jingle Buddies from a dining hall at school that had them out for holiday cupcake decorating. They’re billed as “fruit flavored finger puppets” and come in at least four shapes (from what I can tell): penguin, snowman, Rudolph, and Santa. I managed to grab the latter two.

I can’t get over how cute these are! I love the attention to detail, from the stripes on Rudolph’s scarf to Santa’s eyebrows and tongue (though Santa’s eyes are a bit wonky, giving him a rather crazed expression when combined with the stuck out tongue).The delicate details make me wonder if some of the decorating may have been done by hand. The decorative accents are made of sugar and taste like those hard cake decorations you can buy.

The gummy of the Jingle Buddies is super stiff, almost like a hard rubber in texture. You can sort of see the shadow on the bottom of Rudolph where the hole for your finger goes. They do, in fact, make adequate finger puppets because the gummy is so stiff, but that also means that the Jingle Buddies have an unpleasant chew when you eat them. Flavorwise, they’re nice and lightly fruity, but eating them is like chewing on rubber. I’d buy them for decorating holiday treats and gingerbread houses, but they don’t make for great snacking. An O.