Candy as comfort, candy as expense

Two candy pieces from the NY Times. First, reports of an upswing in candy sales during these tough economic times, in keeping with historical trends.

Two things immediately struck me after reading the article:

1. Raymond Schneider of the opening paragraph could save a lot of money buying his candy someplace other than Dylan’s Candy Bar. That place is overpriced!

2. The rapid inventory turnover at Economy Candy (a good place for well-priced bulked goods) means fresher wares! I may reward the completion of my senior thesis (due on the 20th. Wish me luck!) with a trip there.

And via the NY Times Dining section, news of Armani Dolci, a chocolate shop within Armani’s new 5th Avenue store.

Selling pricey chocolates in a luxury store – a good way to hedge your bottom line or a risky proposition in our current economic situation?