Bringing the Food of the Gods to the Masses

Over the weekend, I churned out a 14-page final paper that I turned in on Monday for my history of food class. It’s a good thing I wrote this week’s reviews a couple of weeks ago, as the last thing I want to do right now is read or write about chocolate (by the way, I’m a two-eyed college-age female, not a uni-eyeballed man with too short pants. And I don’t have a typewriter).

If you ever have questions about how the development of Hershey’s and Cadbury’s compared to that of Lindt & Sprungli from the Industrial Revolution to World War II, I’m your gal.

Thursday’s chocolate tasting went pretty well, except for one great sadness – most of the chocolate had bloomed. Stupid New Haven humidity and weird spring temperature fluctuations. The flavor profiles weren’t affected, but the texture and melt were. Tasting notes will come as soon as I’m ready to write about chocolate again.