Breaking news! Free Macarons in NYC!

SERIOUS EATS!! I love your site, but why, why, WHY wait until the day before Free Macaron Day to post about Free Macaron Day? Why not post it earlier, say, yesterday when I was planning a spontaneous trip to see my boyfriend in New Haven, which just happens to be on the commuter rail line to NYC?

Had I known about Free Macaron Day, I would’ve definitely hopped the Mega Bus that goes from Rochester to NYC ($38 each way; cheaper than the tolls + gas money I’d spending driving, and there’s wifi on the bus!), met my boyfriend there, and gorged myself on free macarons. I have been obsessed with the delicious little buggers since my trip to France last summer.

I even baked up a macaron storm when I was home for the winter holidays because my mother just got a stand mixer and my boyfriend just got me a book devoted to the art of macaron making.

Instead, I shall be spending my weekend in Saratoga Springs, a city that was chosen solely because it’s ~halfway between Rochester and New Haven and thus allows us to split long-distance relationship travel duties. I think we’ll have a lovely time there, but we won’t have free macarons.

In conclusion, if you’re in/can get to NYC for Free Macaron Day, macaron your heart out for me! I’ll be visiting every bakery in Saratoga Springs to see if they make macarons.

Post trip update: I had the most amazing macaron at Mrs. London’s: passion fruit. It started out tasting like a regular macaron, only slightly sweeter, but then the passion fruit came through, and it was this transcendent overtone of bright fruitiness that was simply divine. Highly recommended and totally worth the $1.50. I tried a chocolate macaron as well, and it was quite capable, but it’s the passion fruit one that will haunt my tastebud dreams.