Blog upgrade!

Inspired by Cybele’s recent biting of the bullet and moving Candy Blog to, I finally upgraded my super outdated (+2 years old) WordPress blogging software – so outdated that I had to upgrade manually!

It was scary. First I did all my uploading and overwriting, but nothing changed. Then I tried uploading and overwriting elsewhere, and the website went down. Eek! But finally, success!

Sadly, the upgrade only changes what I see when I write and manage the blog, so y’all won’t get to see the improvements. But maybe the upgraded interface will make me a more efficient candy blogger! gives me more control over blog settings! I’m playing with the sidebars and using strikethrough text!

And the best part – this fancy-schmancy new WordPress comes with an upgrade button for any new versions, so any future changes should be much less stressful.