Blackjack Be the belle of the ball

Blackjack: Be the belle of the ball with these online games

Blackjack Be the Belle with online games which has always been one of the most popular card games circulating the casino scene and, with the boom of the internet, the game developed further, offering the chance to play the standard version from the comfort of your own home. Whether you prefer a spin round the Blackjack lobby or a dabble in the waters of a side bet-centric game, there’s sure to be the perfect online Blackjack event for you! Read on to find out more about our top recommendations.

Blackjack Premium with Side Bets

Although this game abides to the classic form of the game, it also includes both the Perfect Pair and 21+3 side bet, that go on to expand your payout possibilities during each game. The Perfect Pair consists of two cards of the same number and suit, together in your first two cards. The latter bet, 21+3, combines the dealer’s upcard with your first two cards, looking for a particular Poker hand. As a player, you will also get the opportunity to take insurance during any hand where the automated dealer has an ace upcard. Another side bet on offer is splitting, when your first two cards are the same, and you can also double down whenever your first two cards meet the value of nine, ten, or 11.

The game is simple to use and understand, the main buttons to worry about being ‘Hit’ and ‘Stand’, as well as the smaller ‘Double’ button, which doubles your stake as well as dishing out an additional card. When you click the ‘Hit’ feature, you’ll continue to take cards until you are satisfied with the current total of your hand. Select ‘stand’ and no more cards will be added to your total. As always, the key to winning this game is to beat the dealer’s hand, with a hand of your own worth 21 or less. Alternatively, you can bag that win if the dealer goes bust.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

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Fancy yourself as a bit of a pro? Revel at the chance to play more than one hand at a time? Well, this might just be the perfect online Blackjack game for you! Here you can manage up to five hands at once, as well as engaging in side bets and having the potential to earn bigger profits.

Although the customised rules of Multi-Hand Blackjack require the option to ‘surrender’ to be removed, the game does allow you to take out insurance against the dealer’s Ace cards. The dealer is required to hit on a soft 17 and peek for Blackjack, so, by playing five hands at a time, there’s a better chance that your winners will cancel out your losers!

Blackjack Cashout

Blackjack Be the belle From the outside, this version of Blackjack seems to be just like any other rendition of the age-old classic. But there are quite a few twists coming your way, when you choose to play Blackjack Cashout.

Not only can you play three hands per game, but you also get to take out your winnings whenever you see fit. Once you receive your first two cards, you can cash out already, protecting yourself from losing your initial stake on a poor set of cards. This feature continues throughout the game, however the deeper you get, the less you’ll be able to cash out with. So, try not to leave it too late!