Fish Oil Intake

Benefits of Fish Oils & Immune System

Fish oil intake is the premium source of omega 3 fatty acid. It also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Omega 3 is important for the well-being of the human body, especially the brain, sperm cells, and retina. As the human body is not capable of producing omega 3 on its own, we need to consume it through dietary sources. The major sources of fish oils are sardine, mackerel, salmon, trout, tuna, herring, etc. Vita Living offers a range of fish oil supplements that contain all the chief properties.

Benefits of fish oil

  • Helps to treat arthritis and autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, Raynaud?s syndrome, knee osteoarthritis, and psoriasis.
  • Takes care of heart health by raising good HDL cholesterol, balancing blood pressure, and maintaining triglycerides.
  • Treats mental illnesses including Alzheimer?s disease, bipolar disorder, ADHD, premenstrual syndrome, and psychosis.?
  • Helps with obesity.
  • Takes care of eye health.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Cures skin problems like dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Helps with the health and development of children even before they are born. Improves IQ and reduces allergy risks.
  • Reduces asthma symptoms.

There are several types of omega 3. The main ones are ALA, EPA, and DHA. Although all of them are equally important, EPA and DHA are more beneficial. The dosage of the supplements depends on age and health. According to WHO, a daily combined dose of DHA and EPA should be between 200 to 500 mg.?

How does the Immune System benefit the human body?

The immune system is a grid of body cells and proteins that protects the body from infections. Its duty to keep a record of every germ the body has come in contact with and destroy them when it faces them again. So, taking care of the immune system is a necessity we must not avoid.

How to take care of the immune system?

There are several ways to boost and take care of the system that helps our body to fight harmful germs and microbes.

  • Following a healthy diet that includes more vegetables and fruits.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Limited intake of alcohol.
  • Giving up smoking or any harmful drug consumption.
  • Taking care of mental health.
  • Washing hands times and again.
  • Balancing body weight.
  • Maintaining good hygiene.
  • Safe sex.
  • Getting recommended vaccines.
  • Staying hydrated.

Not taking care of these points may result in affecting the immune system, which can be harmful. To prevent the body from any common and uncommon bacteria, we must keep the system healthy. Fish oil time to work is a crucial consideration when aiming to bolster the immune system. Incorporating fish oil into your daily regimen is a wise choice as it doesn’t provide instant results; instead, it requires time to work its magic.


While fish oil intake is very important for the human body, taking care of the immune system a necessity. We cannot ignore any of them. We have to take good supplements that help to boost both sides.?Vita Living?has come up with healthy supplements that take care of the human body. Including these supplements in a regular diet and having prescribed dosage help our body to remain healthy and fine.?