Top 14 Reasons to Explain Why Is Beet Juice Good for You?

Top 14 Reasons to Explain Why Is Beet Juice Good for You?

Are you in search of the best veggie juice? Does the enormous veggie list confuse you? Well, if you are, then let us solve your query and tell you that one of the best veggie juices you can benefit yourself from is beetroot juice! Yes, you read that correctly! Are you wondering is beet juice good for you or not? Well, yes, it is, and you will know why after reading this article! Here we will inform you about beetroot, how to make the best beet juice and why you must include it into your diet! Read on, and you’ll know why we recommend you to have beet juice among the other veggies!

About Beetroot

Veggies are, in general, extremely healthy and contain all the essential nutrients one requires. And among all the nutritious veggies, beetroot is one of the best ones. The taproot part of the beetroot plant is where the veggie grows.

Beetroot belongs to the vast variety of the Beta vulgaris genus. You must know that all the veggies grown in this category produce leaves and taproots that are edible.

Apart from beetroot’s super high nutrient quotient, it is also renowned for many of its medicinal benefits. Also, the beetroot plant works well as a coloring agent in foods.

Even during the Middle Ages, the beetroot has been of immense use. Not only is it used as a portion of nutritious food, but it is also famous for its medicinal values.

People in India refer to beetroot in Hindi as Chukandar, whereas Chinese people call them Hong Cai tou, and in Spain, it is known as Remolachas. Well, you know what the rest of the world calls it!

For years the people in Asia, especially in India, have been using beetroot to treat anemia and several problems related to blood.

Beetroot juice recipe

Before we answer your question, is beet juice good for you or not, we thought of giving you the recipe for beetroot juice! Check out the beetroot juice recipe below and see how you need to make it:

Ingredients you require

Check out the list of ingredients below before we give you directions to make the beet juice:

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How to make beet juice?

Check out the following steps below to make your beet juice:

Step 1: You need to start chopping the beetroot, celery, and apple.

Step 2: Then, put every ingredient mentioned above into the blender. If you would want your juice to be sweeter, you can add some more fruits.

Step 3: Then blend the ingredients well and empty them out in a glass. Whoa! Your beet juice is ready!

You can keep it in the refrigerator for some time if you like to drink your juice chilled.

The recipe that we have given above can be tried in several variations. You can try it out with only ginger or pineapple or use a combination of red and green beetroot. All these variations are going to be delicious and are sure to supply you with all the nutrients.

Beetroot Juice

Is beet juice good for you?

Since you’ve been keen on finding out is beet juice good for you or not, let us check out ways to justify it is great for your health. Here are the following beetroot juice benefits:

1. Reduces premature aging signs

The beet greens are loaded with carotenoids and vitamin A, which is great for your health overall. Moreover, they also possess a great lutein content, which is a potent antioxidant beneficial for you.

This antioxidant can fight off free radicals, which play a vital role in the photoprotection of the human skin. Even though no research has yet proven that beet juice reduces the chances of premature aging, but the potential nutrient contents indicate this benefit.

A study done in China showed that sugar beet molasses contain great antioxidative properties. And the presence of phenolic contents in it can help in reducing the signs of premature aging.

2. May benefit pregnant women

Is beet juice good for you when you are pregnant? Are you looking for answers to this question? Well, if you are, then let us tell you, it helps massively!

The high nitrate content present in beets is great for pregnant women. But since this was concluded by one study, we require more evidence in this regard.

Beetroots contain a significant amount of folic acid, which is extremely good for pregnant women. This is because folic acid can help in preventing the baby from any neural tube problems.

3. Helps in controlling blood pressure levels

You already know that beetroot juice contains loads of nitrates. So, the body can convert nitrates into nitric oxide. All of which helps in keeping your blood pressure levels in control.

If you have around 250 ml of beet juice daily, you can keep your blood pressure levels in control. It is more effective than consuming water that has nitrates present in them.

Even though there is limited research in this regard, some research indicates that it is better than many potent antihypertensive drugs. However, if you suffer from hypertension and are on medication, we would suggest speaking to the doctor before availing of the beetroot juice benefits.

4. Keeps skin healthy

The beetroot juice benefits for skin are massive. If you consume the correct amount of beetroot juice regularly, you can prevent the chances of skin cancer by a huge margin. Moreover, the vitamin A content in beets can help in keeping the mucous membrane in good health. Also, it helps in replacing the skin cells and keeps your skin health at its peak.

Beetroots contain large amounts of vitamin C as well. And this content helps in collagen synthesis. If you have a good amount of vitamin C, you can reduce the chances of raised scars. You can also protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays by consuming a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

5. Helps in preventing cancer

You already know that beetroot can protect you from skin cancer, but do you know it is great in protecting you from other cancers as well? Well yes!

The beetroot benefits for men and women in protecting cancer are powerful.

You can drink this juice in the right amount and protect yourself from prostate and breast cancer. It is because of the betanin content present in beetroot, and you can avail of this benefit from beetroot.

The Howard University of Washington performed a study where they found out that consuming beetroot can help in protecting you from skin and lung cancer.

The beet juice was given with a carrot extract which was also found effective in treating leukemia. Several studies support the chemopreventive and anticancer properties present in beetroots. So, you can conclude that the beetroot and carrot juice benefits are effective as well.

6. Helps in improving heart health

If you are wondering is beet juice good for you and your heart, then let us tell you the benefits are vast. You already know that beets can help in lowering your blood pressure levels. So, there are chances that it can reduce any stroke or heart attack risk.

According to a study, consuming beetroot juice for a week can help in reducing your blood pressure levels, which further reduces the chances of heart attacks.

One more study conducted in the United States stated that consuming beet juice can help in preventing myocardial infarction. So, you can vouch for beet juice to keep your heart in good health as well.

Top 14 Reasons to Explain Why Is Beet Juice Good for You?
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7. Levels up your energy

Beet juice is great for enhancing your stamina. That is because it helps in making your muscles much more fuel-efficient. More so, beet helps in enhancing the blood in its capacity to carry oxygen.

Even the nitrate content in beet can help in improving your blood flow, hormones, and cell signaling. All of which might also help in increasing your energy level.

8. Helps in fighting off inflammation

Beet juice is great in fighting off inflammation. The betanin, fiber, and folate content in beetroot can help in this regard.

In a study executed in Egypt, it was seen that beetroot extract could treat kidney inflammation greatly. Moreover, in an Iranian study, it was seen that beet juice could solve inflammation problems in humans extremely fast.

9. Helps in controlling blood sugar levels

The fiber content present in beetroots can minimize the chances of hyperglycemia. Studies suggest that this benefit is present in sugar beets. However, in a UK study, it was seen that beetroot juice could reduce postprandial glycemia (which happens after each meal).

10. Helps indigestion problems

Are you wondering is beet juice good for you in terms of digestion? Well, let us tell you that beet helps in consuming beet juice regularly can help improving digestion. You can also improve your blood quality by consuming beet juice regularly.

Even though the research is constricted, but some anecdotal evidence indicates the benefits of white beets can open spleen and liver obstructions. Also, red beets can help in treating your blood and digestive system.

The Romans would also have beets to treat digestive problems, constipation, and much more.

11. Helps in improving brain health

Since you are keen on knowing is beet juice good for you, then let us tell you it is great for your brain. You can improve oxygenation, which can further improve your brain neuroplasticity. Moreover, you can treat dementia early stages by consuming beet juice.

You can also consume beet juice to prevent chances of Alzheimer’s. Some studies show that drinking beetroot juice can improve your cognitive functioning and also keep your brain healthy.

12. Helps in treating anemia

You must be aware that when you have iron deficiency, you will suffer from anemia. And since beets have high iron content, you can consume them to treat anemia. You will find that beets have a high iron absorption than many other veggies.

13. Helps in improving your sexual health

Romans are believed to have used beetroot as an aphrodisiac. Moreover, beet also contains a high level of boron which can help in producing the sex hormones. The betaine content in beet further helps you relax the mind, and the tryptophan content helps increase your happiness. So, you can overall these contents contribute to your sexual health.

14. Helps in preventing osteoporosis

You already are aware of the fact that your body can convert the nitrates present in beets into nitric oxide. And these nitrate oxide contents can help you reduce the chances of several improper lifestyle-related illnesses that include osteoporosis.

Even the presence of silica in beetroot can help in treating osteoporosis. So, start consuming a glass of beet juice regularly can reduce the chances of osteoporosis in no time.

Is Beet Juice Good for You?
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Beetroot juice side effects

As we are approaching towards the end of our article, you know well enough that beetroot juice benefits are immense. However, with all good things, there is another side as well. So, let us discuss some beetroot juice side effects that might occur if you consume it in large amounts.

When you have high amounts of beetroot juice, some people might have beeturia, which means that your urine will have a pinkish tint.

Also, the oxalates present in beetroot can lead you to have kidney stones. In certain cases, people may develop allergies as well. Some of the reactions are fever, chills, hives, rashes, and hives.

Is it ok to beet juice every day?

People do ask questions like, is it ok to eat beets every day, or can we have beetroot juice regularly. So, to answer your questions, we will highlight that portion as well.

There aren’t any concrete studies that tell you that drinking or eating beets or juice is harmful. But if you go beyond the recommended amount, then you might see adverse side effects. However, each person’s body mechanism works differently, so it is always advisable to speak to your GP before consuming beet juice to know the right amount for you.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our article today, we hope you have no more questions in mind. Beet juice is a wonderful beverage and can provide you with several benefits. However, we suggest you always limit the consumption as excessive amounts might create allergies and other complications.

To be on the safest side, speak to your doctor and know what the right amount of beet juice consumption is for you. Once you know, you can very well go ahead and include the beverage into your diet by trying out the beetroot juice recipe we have mentioned above. And don’t forget to let us know how you liked the tasty beverage in the comment section below.