Au’some Giga Bites

Au’some was promoting these Giga Bites at their booth at Sweets and Snacks. I got free samples of one of each flavor to review.

Au’some is trying to market these as “Your social candy.” The back has a link to their Facebook page, and the name and flavors are techy-tinged.

All of the candies were little nuggets, like their fruit nuggets (which I love), but with the addition of a crunchy shell. The shell shattered upon first bite, and they then have a slightly grainy, non-sticky chew.

Banana Bandwidth was supposed to be “strawberry, banana & blackcurrant.” The first bite of the mustard yellow nuggets was strongly artificial banana-flavored with lots of floral, bubble-gummy notes.

The flavor then mellowed and sweetened, then gained a mild dark acidic note from the blackcurrant. I really hate artificial banana candies, but the rest of the flavors were decent.

Binary Berry was “blueberry, raspberry, & wild berry” with pink/purple nuggets. This one just tasted like artificial generic mixed berry, with deep red fruit flavors. It reminded me of a raspberry + cherry Popsicle.

I thought it a bit too sweet, and it had an unpleasant wheatiness or pasty starchiness to the finish. That general feel was in all the flavors, but it was most pronounced in this one.

Short Circuit Citrus was “lemon, orange, & apple” and was a rusty brownish-reddish-orange color. It started with a nice citrus sweetness before picking up a bright citrus tartness and ended with an apple juice finish.

These were my favorite of the bunch because I really like citrus-flavored things, but I think all of these Giga Bites paled in comparison to Au’some’s Florida’s Natural nuggets. The Florida’s Natural candies have brighter, more intense flavors that I found more enjoyable.

And really, I think they’re trying a little too hard to position these as “social media” candy, though I think the little robot mascot is cute. An O.