Artisanal Candies in Brooklyn

New York Mag has a long write-up about the artisanal food movement in Brooklyn. They’ve got a hilarious description of the Mast Brothers:

“But if the Masts are Luddite chocolate-makers, they?re also figures in a very contemporary caricature. More than anyone else in the New Brooklyn artisan movement, they exemplify to an almost implausible degree the daguerreotype stereotype of the bristly hipster, in newsboy cap and tweed britches, pedaling his penny-farthing to a north Brooklyn industrial space to make handcrafted nano-batch sweetmeats. If you?ve ever wondered what a Christopher Guest documentary about Brooklyn artisans might look like, Google ‘Mast Brothers YouTube.’ “

There’s also a hipster-filled slideshow, and?Liddabit Sweets, which is on my to-visit list, also gets a mention.