5G In Mobile Gaming

An Opportunity For 5G In Mobile Gaming

For many of us it seems 5G is just around the corner, the rollout may be a little slower than many hope but there are plenty of preparations being made to ensure those of us with a 5G can benefit from it as soon as possible – the next stage will be for developers to implement the use into platforms that we use daily, but what opportunities are available to us now that this next step in networking is just around the corner?

New possibilities in sharing – Our social attachment to games have become an important factor for many – there are those who lend the growth of mobile gaming in the way it can be seen today to the link it has recently held to social media, and how this use of social media in mobile gaming has developed a new audience. With that in mind, the ability to share in new ways cannot be overlooked, as a big factor of the network is the increasing download and specifically upload speed it provides – with this live streaming and content sharing will be available on a wider scale that may not have been possible for many before.

An opportunity for new tech – An area that has garnered particular attention recently has been within the tech that?s available to our mobile devices – cross platform options through software such as Stadia, as well as the widespread introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality. A limiting factor here for a long time now has been within network capacity and speed restrictions, as the data required to maintain these can be a little difficult – with the increased speed of 5G however, this removes many of the barriers put in the way and could see these newer tech options start to move more into the consumer market and change the way we played these mobile games.

Multiplayer Options – The introduction may also begin to open the doors for multiplayer mobile gaming to become more prevalent – a larger restriction can be seen as large numbers of players coming together has certain network requirements for developers and players alike, with those barriers removed it may allow for multiplayer gaming on mobile devices to evolve, and even begin the introduction of platforms such as MMORPG?s to also develop here, although that may still be some time away.?

It?s important to consider that further regulation may be put in place during this time too – there have been recent changes in countries such as the UK that adjust how users may access some games, this has been seen most recently with Gamstop which had been aimed at tackling the mobile casino and betting industry, as many operators choose to register their casinos, betting sites, and bingo not on gamstop to avoid this regulation – this may be an indication of what is to come as there may be some change in regulation to curb the inevitable growth that will come when 5G is introduced in a more widespread way.